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Mineral Makeup Application

Makeup should be an extension to your skincare. We are proud to be partners with Glo Skin Beauty. This mineral makeup line gives you beautiful light to full coverage and beautiful colors for eyes, cheeks and lips.  This mineral line will not clog pores and is packed with vitamins. Embrace the beauty you have always had.


Choosing your foundation can be a daunting task. Let a professional help you find the perfect color for you with your favorite type of application. Whether it's a tinted primer, liquid foundation or a full coverage foundation, color matching is cost effective way to find what you need in a foundation. Find the best color for  your skin.



Need to go somewhere after your facial? This light application of only the top minerals will be applied to feed the skin with extra benifits, protecting with its natural spf and creating that flawless look. A perfect match light tinted spf with a dusting of mineral powder that is good for the skin, a light kiss of color to the cheeks, brows will be brushed with a light enhancement of color and last a transparent lip nourishment.

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