There are a few types of facials for you to choose from. You pick a facial and the amount of time and we partner to create a customized protocol designed to improve the integrity and health of your skin. Before each client, disinfectant & sanitation practices take place. Health and safety is most important here at Drift.


Take your skin on a revitalizing journey! Encase yourself with aromatherapy essences throughout this experience. Start with a tropical scent of pineapple, exfoliation includes an organic enzyme peel, heated spinal detox, potent skin boost cocktail, nourishing hand or foot, bright eyes & lip with a blended nourishing mask. A tranquil arm, neck and lymphatic facial massage to detoxify and induce deep relaxation!

Truly peaceful!  100 Minutes $225


Uniquely designed to meet the needs and provide results for you specific skin type. A very customized and tailored experience packed with potent skin antioxidants, custom enzymes, steam, extractions, neck, shoulder, and arm massage and very relaxing! Addressing pro-youth, healthy aging, acne, brightening, even deep hydration. You pick the type of facial and the amount of time, and we together customize a protocol designed to improve the integrity of your skin. All facials run from 60-90 Minutes


  • 60 Minutes -1  Advanced Modalities $125

  • 75 Minutes  -2 Advanced Modalities $165

  • 90 Minutes -3 Advanced Modalities $195



Crystal Microdermabrasion, High Frequency, Skin Brightening Treatment, Hydra Boost Cocktail, Hand Peel, Bright Eyes, Warm Spine Detox,  Galvanic, Oxygenating Skin Detox, Paraffin Hand or foot, Neck Treatment, Facial Contour Massage.

*REzenERATE Nano or The Mini Peel may be booked as stand alone services or they may be added to your facial for $50



A deep cleanse of the pores with light exfoliation, gentle enzyme, steam, extractions. High frequency is often used to reduce inflammation and bacteria with oxygenating trio added to calm skin down. This treatment  detoxifies problematic areas while re-hydrating the skin. 40-45 Minutes $60


A deep cleanse, manual exfoliation to remove superficial surface cells followed with a costume enzyme peel. A relaxing  neck and shoulder massage and extractions if desired. A custom and unique blend of actives are select for each individual to encourage results with optimal hydration, restorative and rejuvenating properties. Using professional grade  hyaluronic acids, peptides, vitamin A and mandelic acids to name a few are mixed and used with the Rezenerate Nano treatment. A Calming Mask to finish with cool ice globes massaged over the skin to soothe and tighten. 75 Minutes $165


This unique contour massage is a non-invasive way to enhance skin's health with lymphatic drainage and to contour the face muscles. Benefits include increased circulation, decreases puffiness and inflammation, improves firmness and releases fascia and muscle tension that causes fine lines and wrinkles to form. Once relaxed then Microcurrent can be introduced for lifting and tightening for longer lasting results. 60 Minutes for $105

#truth-No matter what facial you choose,  a home care routine will contribute significantly to the health of your skin!


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By booking, you authorize this business to charge your credit card a no-show fee of up to 100% of the scheduled value, should you miss your visit without proper notification. Late cancellation (less than 24 hrs notice) will result in a $50 fee.


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