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Microcurrent Information


*Re-educates muscles

*Increases blood and lymph circulation

*Enhances the penetration of active skincare  ingredients

*Increases the production of collagen and   elastin

*Increases protein synthesis (gluconeogenisis) and cell membrane transports

*Increases mitochondria activity, adenosin   triphosphate (ATP) energy

2020-11-05 18_55_25-NeurotriS is Jane Ma


Microcurrent has been around since 1960.  This technology was developed for stroke and bells palsy patients with facial paralysis.  It was so effective for muscle rehabilitation and wound healing the beauty industry adopted it for aesthetic purposes.  Microcurrent is a safe and effective treatment using tiny AMPs of electrical current to our cells.  Our bodies are electric and by sending current to the cells the current will repair cell damage and stimulate blood circulation.  


This painless treatment improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness, increases the (ATP) energy in the cells, tightens pores and releases lymph.  A natural choice to a face lift.  The electrical current is charging the battery of our cells called the (ATP). What is (ATP) you ask?  Adedosine Triphosphate (ATP)  is our "molecular currency" that stores and transports energy  in the cells.  As we age, our bodies (ATP) loses its natural electrical energy, which slow cellular functions and increases visible aging.  Microcurrent boosts our (ATP) in our cells from 300-500%!


While you can see results in one session, lasting results are cumulative and area achieved through a series of treatments.  The number of sessions depend on your lifestyle, age, health, muscle tone and condition of skin tissue.  Between 5-10 treatments are necessary on a weekly basis. Once muscle memory takes over you will only need a maintenance treatment every 4 weeks. 

  • lymphatic drainage

  • High increase of (ATP) energy

  • Lift droopy eyelids and jowls

  • Enhance facial contouring

  • Reduce and erase fine lines and wrinkles

  • Decrease puffiness and inflammation

  • Lift brows and jaw lines

  • Promote firmer, smoother skin texture and tone

  • Increase blood circulation

It is generally considered a very safe procedure. However it is necessary to tell you that it is possible that you may suffer an adverse reaction as a result of undergoing the microcurrent treatment and therapy. You will be asked to complete a health history in order to rule out contraindications.

People with physical or mental limitations, those who have an implanted or other electrical stimulatory device such as pacemakers, or any other implanted electronic nerve, muscle or tissue stimulation, implanted hearing aids, a history of seizures, epilepsy, who are pregnant or have active cancer should not undergo microcurrent treatment and therapy.



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