The truth behind retinol

What is retinol anyway? Retinol is part of the vitamin A family. It is the most effective and widely used ingredient in the skincare industry by dramatically changing skin cell structure to encourage a healthy complexion.

Should I use retinol? As our skin ages, the cell structure begins to shift and change forming wrinkles, unwanted breakouts, and discoloration. Retinol promotes a smoother surface, brighter, firmer, and clear complexion. It is to be used at night since this is a crucial time your skin is at work repairing and rebuilding to create healthy change.

I have tried retinols and they are to irritating! Yes, as this may be true. The formulation and delivery system is important! How the retinol is delivered within the cell may of been an old traditional liposome delivery. By applying retinol (vitamin A) to the skin, it may not of had a good pathway to travel within the cell so it absorbs only within the (epidermis) top layers of the skin not reaching the cell itself. This traditional delivery creates inflamed, flaky, raw skin which can not be tolerated and soon discontinued use and money down the drain. Most do not want to experience those side effects but want results.

Technology has come along way within the skincare industry. The new improved way for the retinol to travel is called the Omnisome delivery system. By applying the retinol to the skin, it is time released over 10 hours while travel through the skin layers then convert into the highest level of retinol called retinoic acid within the cell itself. Experiencing in less irritation and much improved results.

PCASkin has the highest quality retinols in the skincare industry with this advanced delivery technology. Each retinol targets specific concerns from aging or discoloration, to acne prone skin. All with niacinamide to reduce reduce inflammation and transepidermal water loss.

If you do not have this ingredient in your skincare routine, you should. It's a must!

This new generation of retinol is available at Drift Spa! Call today and get your professional recommendation.



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